We have re-opened our Town Centre Office which was temporarily closed for the first 13 weeks to comply with the strict lockdown measures set out by the Government and our staff was initially working remotely.  However, the office now has a strict policy in relation to social distancing and only 4 people are allowed in our waiting area at any one time.

If any of our drivers or staff show any symptoms which could be related to Covid19 they are required to self isolate in accordance with the Government guidelines.

We ask but it is not essential for all customers to wear a face covering.  If specifically requested by the customer our driver will do the same.

All our vehicles are fully stocked with antibacterial wipes, hand sanitiser and tissues for the use of the driver and customer if required.  After each customer, the driver will clean the hard surfaces, such as door handles, window winders/buttons, seat belts, trims, and card payment devices.

Our saloon vehicles that are licensed to carry 4 passengers currently have a limit of 3 passengers and they must sit in the back seats of the vehicle.  Our Minibuses that are Licensed to carry 8 passengers currently have a limit of 7 passengers and any passenger sitting in the front seat i.e. the furthest seat away from the driver must wear a face covering and our MPV’s that are licensed to carry 6 passengers have a limit of 5 passengers and again no passenger is permitted to sit in the front seat.

The majority of our saloon vehicles have, what is called a “drivers bubble” this being a plastic shield separating the driver and passenger in a bid to help minimize the spread of any virus.  All vehicles undergo regular deep cleans which include steam and chemical sanitisation.

We ask, where possible that the customer pays for their travel in advance by BACS (we are unable to accept payment by debit/credit card over the telephone) or by debit/credit card inside the vehicle preferably by the contactless method.

All our staff are updated regularly in relation to any changes in our Policy and our Facebook Page is also updated regularly to keep customers updated.

Finally, the safety of our drivers and customers is paramount.